Robert Montgomery


Robert is highly sought after for his knowledge in business and corporate structures and finance. Robert has been self-employed in total for more than 33 years of his lifetime.

He is happily married for 25 years, with two wonderful children and four amazing fur babies. Robert initially joined the United States Army for four years, in the field of Combat Arms, in an effort to save enough money for his first business venture.

The carpet cleaning company that started with the help of his hard work had Robert realizing at a very young age that life’s rewards require discipline and sacrifice.

Fast forward a wedding and a young child, Robert was pulled in the direction of wanting a comfortable life his family could enjoy, and became a licensed NYS mortgage broker from 1996-2003; a rewarding job, by employing over 20 people, and helping many dodge the bullet of impending foreclosure or economic down turns. In addition, Robert has been a Real Estate Investor and coach for more than 20 years, helping individuals reach the path of their dreams.

He is currently laser focused on his vast skills of Business Finance, raising capital for business via business loans and lines of credit, as well as corporate lines of credit.

Troy Sinclaire

Director of Client Relations

Troy Sinclaire has 27 years business experience. Troy and his team have set up over 500 companies and over 1000 trusts focusing on business expansion, asset protection and maximizing profits.

Troy and his team have focused on understanding and bringing together strategic elements of business that are usually disjointed and bringing them into harmony such as insurance, investment banking, credit and financing, asset protection, business structure and Revenue Science.

Strategic Capital Funding now exists to mainly assist businesses with credit financing and funding for both startup companies and existing successful companies. As Strategic Capital Funding moves into phase 2 and phase 3 these other services will be offered to assist businesses so that they can achieve their goals and be profitable regardless of economic conditions.

Troy’s focus has always been on sales and marketing for all of his companies and for his clients because Troy understands that nothing happens until something is sold and without enough sales a company cannot be profitable.

In addition to being a strategic business advisor Troy is also an Executive Producer, copywriter, digital marketing expert, paid traffic advisor, NLP practitioner and Nero marketing specialist.

Troy also runs and manages strategic brands in the marketplace including WTV360.com, WTV360leads.com, The Million Dollar Skill and several other large brands.