Business Credit:


Q: How long has Strategic Capital Funding been helping businesses with business credit?
A: While Strategic Capital Funding is a relatively new company, Strategic Capital Funding brings two decades of funding expertise to its clients.

Q: What makes Strategic Capital Funding different in the market place?

A: Strategic Capital Funding does not charge up front fees and uses straight forward approach plus has the experience to know what makes banks and lending institutions tick. At Strategic Capital Funding, each client goes through a no obligation needs assessment for their business.

Q: How does it work and what does it take to qualify?

A: Strategic Capital Funding will review both personal and business credit reports along with other critical elements of the business and then Strategic Capital Funding will engineer a specific plan of action to meet the individual and specific business needs.

Q: What type of funding can I get?

A: The types of funding are usually straight loans, lines of credit, and our equipment refinancing programs, for even less than perfect credit.

Q: How long does it take to get funding/credit?

A: The initial round of funding can happen in under (2) weeks (if client is qualified). Funding/Credit is obtained in rounds and we can normally get you several rounds of funding approximately 2 to 3 months apart and can prepare you for several rounds of corporate funding as well.


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Corporation Only Funding:


Q: What’s the difference between Business Credit and Corporate Credit?

A: This is true Corporate Credit where the owner does not have to give their personal credit to qualify.

Q: Do you charge upfront fees?

A: Most Company’s charge between $500-$25,000 up front but not at Strategic Capital Funding

Q: Should I pay upfront fees?

A: No. Please be advised, that company’s who offer this type funding/credit all ask for upfront fees and may not be able to get you any credit or very low lines of credit.

Q: How do you get paid?

A: Strategic Capital Funding gets paid a percentage based on the amount of credit/funding we get for you and your company.

Q: What does it take to get corporate funding?

A: The cold truth is that there is no “magic pill” for this type of funding. If your business is at least (2) years old and you are a corporation or LLC with an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS and have a current business credit report with Experian Business, you are certainly on the path to corporate funding.


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